January 2019

Wednesday 16th January

Please find below links from this mornings work. . https://youtu.be/Tsl3PuB3TzQ. . Left to right Any Smile (Light Blue Hat) and Crimson Kiss. . https://youtu.be/FudJSrSwrK8. . Left to right Logie Baird and Onebaba. . https://youtu.be/w3fDOxZbccc. . Left to right – Power of Life and Heatherdown... [continue reading]
January 16, 2019

Saturday 5th January

https://youtu.be/vGHCVTwBOgY. . Please find below links to this mornings work. . https://youtu.be/t8s3O4z7Tfo. . Artair. . https://youtu.be/ZHMxotYG9v0. . Power of Life. . https://youtu.be/eC1FSshoX1Y. . Whimsical Dream (Bright Jacket) Crimson Kiss (White Face) Any Smile sat in behind ridden by Cameron Noble.. . https://youtu.be/WtzY0QkFc2k. . India... [continue reading]
January 5, 2019