Statement from Michael Bell – Daily Mirror Article on Wigmore Hall

September 20, 2014

Statement from Michael Bell following today’s Daily Mirror article:

“I find the decision to publish these photos disgusting. To publish them in this manner, as if they are evidence of an act of cruelty, when in reality it is an act of humanity being performed by a veterinary surgeon doing their job,

“The whole yard were watching the race in which ‘Wiggie’ suffered his fatal injury and many tears were shed afterwards, He has been a favourite in the yard for six years – he never wanted for anything.

“The loss of Wigmore Hall has been felt deeply by everyone at the yard and the hundreds of people who befriended him on his worldwide travels. I cannot overstate how upsetting the publication of these pictures is for Wigmore Hall’s owner and his young family, all my staff and not least myself and my family. Did those responsible for the decision take into consideration the feelings of those close to the horse before publishing?

“I wholly support BHA in their efforts to get a full explanation from the Mirror for the decision to publish these photos and the distress which their publication has caused.”